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From Viability to Detailed Design

Welcome to Surface Design Ltd, we are an infrastructure and civil design engineering consultancy with over 15 years experiences working in a wide range of residential, leisure, industrial and commercial projects. Specialising in residential/housing developments, our services encompass all stages of the design process from the flood risk assessment & viability stage through to detailed highways, drainage and private works design.

Based in Cheshire and working across the UK, your projects will be designed and looked after by a fully qualified Design Engineer right the way through to approval stage, we will also provide design support during construction. We believe in a strong communication link between ourselves and our clients and you will find our work to be effective, professional and immaculately presented. The majority of our work is in housing developments but we can also offer our services for commercial and industrial projects. If you are seeking a civil engineering consultancy in Cheshire and the UK, please get in touch with us at Surface Design Ltd to find out what we can do for you.




Highways & Drainage Appraisals

Drainage assessments, preliminary road levels and preliminary drainage design.

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Adoptable Highways & Drainage Detailed Design


  • Roads Design to Adoptable Standard
  • Drainage Design to Adoptable Standard
  • Section 38 submissions and approvals
  • Section 104 submissions and approvals
  • Section 278 works

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Private Works Design

Detailed external levels and private drainage designs based on our detailed site designs.

*Private works designs can also be completed based on detailed designs created by third parties.

  • External Levels Design
  • Setting floor levels, identifying underbuilds and setting garden gradients.
  • Private Drainage Design
  • Surface water and foul private drainage design.

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Plot Setting Out

Setting out coordinates for site use and AutoCAD file provided to assist with setting out on site.

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Site Visits

Drainage surveys, site assessments and on-site advice.

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Cut & Fill Analysis

Cut & Fill modelling to produce contour drawings, cut & fill figures and detailed cut & fill analysis.

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Flood Risk Assessments

For further information regarding appraisals, private works designs and our civil engineering consultancy in Cheshire, please contact us at Surface Design Ltd.

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Our Process

Site Investigation  

We’ll examine existing drainage and levels and identify any constraints before ascertaining the best way to deliver a cost effective design solution.


We’ll then produce a preliminary drainage & levels appraisal based on site findings and initial design modelling/calculations to produce the relevant drawings in order to help our client obtain planning, purchase a site or produce build costs.


Production of detailed highways & drainage drawings to an adoptable standard based on the approving authorities’ standards and specification.


Private works designed to client/housing development specification

We endeavor to maintain a close working relationship with our clients to ensure they know the progress of the project and that they are furnished with a design that meets their needs.

Technical Approval

Submission of Section 38, Section 104, Section 106 and Section 278 design packs to the relevant authorities and responses to their technical comments in order to obtain technical approval.


We provide design support during construction to work with our clients in order to help ensure that site construction runs as smoothly as possible.




Our Coverage

Surface Design Ltd is based in Cheshire. We provide services throughout the UK and can visit any site in the country. If you are looking for a cost effective and reliable civil engineering consultancy in Cheshire and the UK, contact us to find out what we can do for your construction project.





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